I Need a Hobby…

Hi All,

As most of you will know I’m poorly at the moment and had a week in hospital not that long ago. I will create a separate post explaining what happened at a later date. My condition has forced me to be housebound at the moment, not fun! I really miss just getting in my car and going for a drive and popping to the shops, silly things really.

My days are lonely and long and I need something to occupy and distract my mind. Ideally something I can do for twenty minutes or so and be able to carry on later in the day because my vision bad and sometimes painful. I’m thinking something along the lines of painting, card making or mixed media art. I’m tempted by cross stitch and crochet but it would probably hurt my eyes…

I don’t want to spend an awful lot of money on doing this but I think it would do me the world of good.

If anyone has any fun craft ideas / hobbies for me to try, please do let me know. I’d love to hear what other people enjoy doing in order to unwind and create.

Jess X