Having lost and recovered the use of some of my brain function over the last few months  – I’m finally starting to feel like i’m getting back to normal which is AMAZING! I’m really keen to take part in this years NaNoWriMo as it will challenge me and push me to get on with writing some more of my novel.

I’m bursting with inspiration and ideas and I’ve been doing an awful lot of brainstorming. I sent a potential first chapter out to some of my IG followers and close friends and the feedback I had was good however I think I’m going to have a play with it and do some faffing to see if I can build the scene and the characters more.

I’ve bought some revision index cards which I will write key moments that I want to be included and I will shuffle them around until they are in an order which works. I will then start the task of writing… Eeeeek!

I’m so thankful that i’m feeling so much better than I was. I honestly couldn’t imagine even writing this a month ago.




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