How To Be More Organised

I need to tell you a secret… I’m not very organised sometimes. When I was offered a promotion at work I had to re-organise both my work and personal life.

Wake Up Early

I think the best way you can start your day is to wake up early! Make sure you get an early night and have a restful sleep so that you can wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day. I often work night shifts which is slightly more difficult as my sleeping patterns and body clock can be topsy turvy. I love to write a list of things on my mind so that I don’t have to worry about them all night, have a relaxing lavender bath, read a good book then maybe a meditation session before bed. This really helps me to get a good nights sleep. I also like to prepare anything I can for the next day the night before. One of my favorite sayings is “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail” it’s so true!

I used to be one of those people who would snooze their alarm clock ten times before eventually dragging myself out of bed and get ready for work in a rushed frenzy. Looking back on this, I hated it. Now I’m waking up naturally five minutes before my alarm goes off. This gives me so much more extra time to get ready and deal with unexpected things like de-icing the car.

Leave In Plenty Of Time

When i’m at work I have to be incredibly punctual and timing is everything. I have to organise and stick to appointments. I always leave HQ in plenty of time enabling me to get my bearings and find where I am supposed to be. After all it looks very unprofessional if you are always ten minutes late.

File Your Paperwork

Paperwork is a big part of my life now. I remember when I was taking my driving test. I forgot I had to have the paper part of my provisonal license and I had to go home and collect it. I had one hour until my test started. I tipped the house upside down and could not find it anywhere. In the end my mum came home to help me look for it and she found it crumpled up under my bed! Oooops… Ohhh how things have changed, now everything is filed away in it’s proper place and clearly labelled. This way if ever I need anything I know exactly where it is which saves a lot of stress and time.


Get rid of what you don’t need and be ruthless! You will feel so much better for it. Shoving stuff in a drawer is not the answer. Next time you open that drawer you will regret not clearing it out. I’ve just finished de-cluttering my life and my head feels clear for the first time in ages. I can actually think straight! I started with my bedroom, It seemed like a never ending task. It took time and copious amounts of tea. I think the key is to not allow yourself to be distracted by things such as your phone, social media and television. I liked listening to music or listening to TED talks on YouTube. When you focus on the task in hand it’s really surprising what you can achieve and you will start to see amazing results.

A big part of de-cluttering for me was clearing my emails and my phone of messages, old contacts, photos I no longer needed and useless apps. This can be very therapeutic!

Sharing Is Caring

What helps you to be more organised? I would love to hear all about it 🙂

Jess ♥ X




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